Green Flag Award

A visit from a Green Flag Award judge is imminent. To maximise our chance of retaining Green Flag status we have been working hard with Merton's Green Spaces team, idverde, and the weekly Community Payback team to ensure the recreation ground and Green Walks remain in the best possible condition.

Nursery Road Playing Field

A new fence is currently being erected around much of the perimeter of the field to replace the old chain-link fence which was both broken and unsightly.

Seasonal Pond

The seasonal pond opposite the entrance to the tennis courts has been a great success, attracting both wildlife and the attention of passers-by. The lining materials were funded by a grant from the idverde Community Investment Fund. During the past century, nearly 70 percent of ponds have been lost from the UK countryside, meaning such ponds play an increasingly important role for wildlife.



In the summer WERA bought and planted a wooden 'planter', placing it in front of number 12 Willmore End. As this attempt to make the estate more attractive has met with such a positive response we will buy another planter in the coming months.