Abbey Car Park Flower Bed

Changes to the entrance of Abbey recreation ground resulted in a much reduced flower bed and the loss of most of the shrubs that had been planted and maintained by the Community Payback team. We are in the processs of reinstating the remaining part of the flower with new plants being provided by Merton Council.

Nursery Road Playing Field

The condition of the pavilion in Nursery Road playing field has worsened significantly over recent months. That is in part due to age but also due to a lack of maintenance combined with vandalism. The result is a facility that is no longer usable and is probably unsafe for people climbing on its roof. There are holes in the fence and the car park is often flooded. Money continues to be spent on the building while the offer of a large investment and the elimination of all ongoing costs is ignored by senior management at Merton Council despite a large projected gap in the borough's finances.

New Pond

Reconstruction of the seasonal pond opposite the entrance to the tennis courts has been completed, thanks to four days of hard work by the Community Payback team. The materials were funded by a grant from the idverde Community Investment Fund. During the past century, nearly 70 percent of ponds have been lost from the UK countryside, meaning such ponds play an increasingly important role for wildlife.



In the summer WERA bought and planted a wooden 'planter', placing it in front of number 12 Willmore End. As this attempt to make the estate greener has met with such a positive response we will try to add additional planters soon. We will also try other things to improve the look of the estate.